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Important Questions You Need to Know.......

What do you know about your funeral home/funeral director that you are entrusting your loved one with?

Here are some things to consider.

1.  Is the funeral home family owned or is it corporate owned out of Texas?  Does the funeral home that you are using tout St. Louis family owned and operated and how important it is to keep your money LOCAL.  

2.  When your loved one passes away, who is really picking up your loved one?  Will it be the funeral home personnel you hired or is it a company the funeral home you have hired contracted with?  Is the individual or individuals a Missouri licensed funeral director?  

3.  When your loved one is picked up, where are they taking your loved one?  To the hired funeral home or to the contracted companies location or to a care center somewhere?

4.  Who has access to the location your loved one is going?  Are there multiple funeral homes and their employees that have access to your loved one?

5.  On nights and holidays, who answers the funeral homes phones?  Is it a out of town answering service or a local Missouri licensed funeral director?

6. Does the family owned firmed you have chosen advertise they only shop locally but on the day of the funeral does the equipment (hearse, limousines, and funeral escorts) come from Illinois?

7.  Is the person you make a prearrangement with a sales person or a Missouri license funeral director that works for the funeral home you have chosen?

8.  Why choose a corporate owned funeral home when their prices are twice as high as a family owned firm?  Most SMALL family owned funeral homes can provide the same services as a corporate owned funeral home but at half the cost.

9.  Did you know that your prearranged funeral plan is transferable?  The funeral home does not own your prearranged funeral.  You are not obligated to use the funeral home that you have a prearrangement with.

10.  Does your local small owned funeral home support your community and community events?

At Michel Funeral Home we feel that you need to know the answers to these important questions.


Our firm believes that your loved one worked hard all their life to save money for your family and not for the funeral director.

Without the support from the community small business owners will not exist.  Our family works hard to provide meaningful services and honor the unique bond you had with your loved one.  You will never be pressured into a funeral plan that would not suit your needs and you will never be considered a number.  We cherish the families that we serve and unlike other funeral homes, many of our families have become personal friends and family.  PLEASE SHOP YOUR SMALL FAMILY OWNED FUNERAL HOMES.